Apple Ditching iPhone Passcodes?

iPhone touchpad

Could it be? Is it possible? Apple ditching passcodes for something a little more user-safe? Well, that’s what the word is around the block.

As is the case with all things unconfirmed directly from the Cupertino, California company, it’s best to take this with a grain of salt until Apple certifies for a fact that they’re ditching passcodes. Nevertheless, according to the Telegraph, Apple may be getting rid of passcodes for good in search of something newer, better and more secure.

Apple stated that…

“Users sometimes misplace their handheld devices or inadvertently leave them in public places,” Apple said.

“To dissuade thieves from stealing handheld devices (or people from accessing their friends’ devices), many software manufacturers require a user to provide input that ‘unlocks’ the handheld device. Such input may be a passcode of four or more characters.”

“However, this approach for authenticating a user can be easily compromised. For example, a thief sitting on a bus may notice the four characters that an unsuspecting person entered on the person’s smart phone. As another example, a thief may pick up a tablet computer in a public place and discover, based on finger prints on the display of the tablet computer, which characters were recently selected by the owner of the tablet computer.”

This basically confirms that Apple is definitely looking for alternatives, but whether they’ll find new ways to strengthen the passcode system, or perhaps ditch it for fingerprint scanning or facial recognition is another matter entirely.

  • Johnny Tucats

    You can’t make me give you my passcode…but you can kill me and use my finger, face or eye to do whatever.

    • User

      and what makes you so important that someone is going to kill you for access to a smartphone?

      • Johnny Tucats

        Not really the point. But I’m sure you knew that.

  • Chris

    Doesnt android already include features other than passcode? So apple again is playing catch up. Only they will make it “better” and claim to have invented it!

    • Lee b

      So true…

  • Iman

    What’s the point of passcode if I can still turn off / restore the phone without entering the passcode?