iDichotic App Can Offer Real Psychological Help

iPhone app

It’s becoming the norm that mobile smartphones are becoming more and more useful for helping with medical issues, including helping psychologically.

The new app called iDichotic can actually help with psychological evaluations almost to the same accuracy as in-depth lab studies.

There’s a detailed report on the new app from DNA: Daily News & Analysis, which cites Josef Bless, doctoral researcher in psychology, University of Bergen in a journal entry for Frontiers in Psychology, where he states…

“This means that smartphones can be used as a tool for psychological testing, opening up a wealth of exciting new possibilities,”

“I noticed that the sounds of the different instruments were distributed differently between the ears, and it struck me that this was very similar to the tests we routinely use in our lab to measure brain function,”

The app can supposedly help with schizophrenic patients by giving them a gauge on the voices they hear by allowing them more discernment in which noises/voices are hallucinations and which ones are not.

The app is currently being used in collaboration with laboratory tests being conducted in both Norway and Australia.