iPhone 5S Images Leaked

iPhone 5S

Additional images have leaked for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S, this time from a Chinese website, pretty much confirming that the iPhone 5S is on the way.

CNET caught the images out on the open web courtesy of Times of India and Zol.com.cn. I’m a little shocked the Chinese Government let the site post those photos.

Anyway, this works almost as confirmation to the earlier leaked photos of the iPhone 5S, taken from French website Nowhereelse.fr, which shows parts and designs pretty much on par to the image above as well the images located over on Zol.

Does this mean that the iPhone 5S is arriving this June, as many rumors have speculated? That’s still up for debate but it’s looking very likely.

  • Mk

    Cheap battery, not of the real lightning connection internal, etc etc etc. not a real iPhone. Not even prototype.