iPhone Sales Will Not Stall, Says Tim Cook

AT&T iPhone 5

Think that over saturation will wipe out the iPhone’s illustrious steamrolling through sales across various world markets? No way, says Apple CEO Tim Cook.

PC Mag has a detailed rundown of how Apple views the current slate of the iPhone’s market position, with Tim Cook stating that…

“there’s a lot more people in the world than 1.4 billion, and people love to upgrade their phones fairly regularly,”…”So there’s incredible momentum there,”… “Frankly speaking, I see a wide open field.”

Despite moving 47 million handsets in the previous quarter, there’s still a lot of doom and gloom talk surrounding the future of Apple, mostly because it’s hard for industry insiders to see how the company can get any bigger than they’ve already become.

Apple doesn’t see an end to their success, though, and Tim Cook believes that offering great products at high prices will keep consumers coming back for more…

“The truth is, customers want a great experience and quality, and that’s rarely a function of any of those things.” …”The customer experience is always broader [than what] can be defined by a simple number,” he said. “What Apple does is sweat every detail.”

It won’t be long before we find out whether Apple will be able t keep up the pace and continue to sell iPhones at such an alarming rate.