Turbolab Pursuit Has You Protecting Patents on iOS

Turbolab Pursuit

This game should be right up Apple fan’s alley, as players will assume the role of a scientist on the run from angry mobs trying to steal his inventions.

Given Apple’s incessant patent battles with any and every tech innovator out there, it’ll probably be a blast for Apple aficionados to take on the role of an innovator trying to protect his unpatented invention.

Players will race around crazy tracks as the nutty professor in his attempt to secure his device and eventually get it patented without running into trouble. What’s more is that players will be able to customize their vehicle and the professor with more than 4,000 different customization parts.

The game makes full use of the iPhone 5 Retina display and sports plenty of power-ups, achievements and randomly generated levels to keep the replay factors high. You can grab a digital copy of the game right now from the iTunes app store.