iPhone 6 With Big Display Coming 2014?

by William Usher on

iPhone 6

One of the many, many rumors circulating out there for Apple’s next-generation mobile handset is that the company will unveil a 4.8 inch iPhone 6, the next successor in the line of long or short running iPhone handsets. However, new information has emerged indicating that the iPhone 6 with its near 5-inch screen display may not arrive as soon as some have been anticipating.

According to Business Insider the rumored iPhone 6 with its 4.8 inch display has hit a bit of snag and won’t be releasing as soon as some have speculated. In fact, according to Piper Jeffray analyst Peter Misek, the iPhone 6′s biggest hold-up is the larger display running on smaller chips.

Misek postulates that the screen makers are having a hard time getting better yields for touchscreen fidelity at larger displays. This has, in result, given Apple a much chagrined delay to the release of the iPhone 6, with Misek speculating that the next-gen handset will not arrive in October, as many have estimated, but instead the device will arrive with its large screen in tow sometime in 2014.

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    The **SCREEN** will be too LARGE for My HANDS. My **4.3** IN **SCREEN** screen is hard for Me to hold