iOS 6 Makes up For 83 Percent of iOS Usage


Apple’s iOS 6 has found a rather large market on mobile devices, making up for more than 83.2 percent of all OS traffic across Apple devices.

iDownloadblog spotted the stats from a new market report from research and data firm, Chitika, who released information indicating that as of February, more than 83 percent of OS traffic came from the various versions of iOS 6, with iOS 6.1.0 taking the largest piece of the pie with 52.8 percent of the traffic share.


Additionally, as you can see in the chart above, iOS 6.0 vanilla garnered 28.8 percent of the pie, while the rest kind of straggled in with the remains.

What’s interesting is that iOS 6.1.1 has only recently been fixed and many iPhone 4S users were instructed not to update to the OS until Apple fixed it, so we should see iOS 6.1.1 garner a much larger piece of the pie in the next report now that Apple has worked out all the kinks.

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