iPhone’s Word Carnivale Now Helps Chinese Learn English

Word Carnivale

The popular iOS title, Word Carnivale, from PlayScreen Games has been updated to operate in China.

The game’s launch in the great Republic means that Chinese gamers now have access to a wealth of word-information from the English lexicon. The popular iOS title will easily and effectively enable iPhone users in the East to learn English by playing carnival games.

William Volk, Chief Creative Officer, PlayScreen commented about the game’s launch, saying…

“The value of Word Carnivale’s unique ‘Word Search’ game mechanic is that it brings in new letters and creating new possibilities with every word found,”… “Players can start with simple words without getting stuck as in traditional ‘Word Search’ games. This broadens the game’s appeal from the traditional ‘vocabulary savvy’ users an ‘English as a Second Language’ demographic as in China.” … “We’ve seen non-native speakers progress in a few weeks from a modest vocabulary to game mastery in a matter of weeks.”

This is a great way to learn a new language while having fun at the same time, opening up a great opportunity for mobile users to use their time traveling to learn something new and exciting.

Tony Thielman, the founder of AdsYolo, who worked closely with PlayScreen to get Word Carnivale launched in China, commented about the endeavor, saying…

“We think Word Carnivale is a perfect language vehicle to connect with our Chinese audience. Among this emerging middle-class is a strong desire to learn English. It is their way to absorb all that is coming to them from the West. And AdsYolo is all about supporting that effort.”

This should prove to be very interesting, especially if the app has a high adoption rate in the Eastern territories. Word Carnivale is currently available on the iTunes app store right now.