New iPhone Tech Will Help Take Better Pictures

iPhone 5 side

Even having the most steady hands can still reap some unpleasant results when it comes to taking photos with an iPhone, that’s why Apple has filed for a new patent that will enable the iPhone to help you take better photographs.

The new patent was spotted by Apple Insider. Basically the new tech will continuously cache various points of an image and compile the best one best on a set of variables. This means that you no longer have to worry about blurry, messy or out of focus pictures, even though you thought you took a non-blurry, non-messy, in-focus picture.

According to the official filing…

These image capturing devices typically use a preview resolution for capturing a preview image of a scene. Subsequently, a user provides an input to take a photograph. The device switches from preview resolution to full resolution prior to capturing an image. Switching from preview to full resolution causes a time lag, which may lead to user frustration. Also, camera shake during the time when a user presses a button or touches a touchscreen can degrade image quality.

That last part is all too true. While about to press the button to take a photograph there’s always that slight blur or image degradation that occurs that can just ruin a photo.

Hopefully this tech makes it into the next iPhone release, as that would be a huge help in taking quality photos with the smartphone.