Spigen Slim Armor iPhone 5 Case Keeps it Affordable

Spigen Slim Case

There are a lot of iPhone cases out there to hide away all that beauty Apple sent millions to perfect, and one of those cases offers a sleek look at an affordable price.

Spigen’s Slim Armor case for the iPhone 5 brings the black metal look to Apple’s handset with a Polycarbonate band and beveled edges for a cool modernist design.

Gotta Be Mobile has a rundown of the Spigen Slim Armor case and it appears they like it…they like it a lot.

The review notes that the case makes it easy to access ports, switches and buttons and that the case looks sexy enough for anyone who has an iPhone aesthetic fetish.

The only drawback to the case is that the Polycarbonate can wear thin with scratches, nicks and bumps. Otherwise, it appears the Spigen Slim Armor case, which sells for a rather affordable $17.99 on Amazon, is just about perfect in its offerings.