Aeon Avenger Launches For iOS, Mimics Chrono Trigger

Aeon Avenger

A game that spans multiple eras, features mystical time-traveling and a grand adventure that goes through the past, present and future has just been released. Aeon Avenger is a new RPG for iPhone users and it sports a classic story about redemption and revenge…with a little time travel tossed in for good measure.

Kemco Japan announced today that the game has officially launched for iOS powered mobile devices, and players will assume the role of a young man named Lake who must track down The Man in Black who came from a distant time and destroyed his village and family.

There are some pretty neat characteristics in the game, as outlined in the press release, noting…

Time travel across the three eras, past, present and future is a key part of this story. You may be able to find the solution to a problem in one era by traveling to another. Study the characteristics of each era to time-travel effectively.

You’ll enjoy battle in the genuine JRPG style by entering commands to make characters attack. Enemy and companion graphics in high resolution allow easy, comfortable play. Battles move at a good pace, without stressful waits. Make exhilarating attacks on your enemies with the powerful skills you’ll acquire!

The look of the game is rather genuine, with a throwback to the old-school turn-based battles and anime-style character designs.

You can grab the game right now for your iPhone for only $2.99. To learn more feel free to visit the official iTunes app store page.