iOS 6.1.2 Coming Soon

iOS 7

Apple has already announced that they will be aiming to fix the Exchange battery drain and the major Passcode bypass problem. However, the fix will come in a brand new iOS 6.1.2 patch.

According to iDB, a German site named iFun is reporting that Apple won’t just release a basic hotfix, but will actually address the major issues for iOS 6.1.1 by simply releasing iOS 6.1.2.

The 6.1.2 release is being rumored to have come from the same source who revealed that iOS 6.1.1 would be arriving, so there’s a lot of weight behind the claims.

  • IonyxIphone 5

    You know there messing with the jailbreak community right. I’ve jailbroken before but honestly to me its not worth the risk. It slows down the os and makes it alot less stable for a hand bag of tricks that don’t really make or break the iphone as a whole. So I’m sorry to say it to jailbreakers but this really looks like there just toying with you guys.