iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 Web Traffic Almost Equal


If you thought that Samsung was getting an edge with the Galaxy SIII Android smartphone because they’re cheaper and move a lot of units, think again. A new web chart from research firm Chitika has confirmed that Galaxy SIII web usage is almost on par to that of the iPhone 5.

According to Apple Insider, Chitika’s latest charts between February 1st and February 9th indicate that the SIII has established 49 percent of the market share in web traffic, where-as the iPhone 5 has 51 percent of the market share in web traffic.

This is definitely a step up for Samsung’s SIII, which which was trailing pretty bad back in October when the Chitika report indicated that only 37 percent of web traffic was dominated by the Galaxy smartphone.

Apple best be careful as the Android devastator is definitely moving up in the ranks with each passing month. By June it’s likely that the SIII will have overtaken the iPhone 5 in web traffic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HZDBYT2NJJAS3VXE4MUF2P6A5Y Tommy, tho people usually call

    but these numbers are completely different than the previous, comparing iOS vs Android in the past, and iPhone5 vs Galaxy s3 now. What happens when you compare all iPhones versus all Galaxy’s?