HackyCat Out Now For iOS


Want to kick some cats? Of course you do. The new game HackyCat is all about kicking cats to get the highest score possible.

Surprise Attack announced that Ken Wong, art director for Alice: Madness Returns, has taken to his very own solo project called HackyCat and it enables iPhone users to kick the crap out of cats.

As stated in the press release…

A score-attack arcade game, Hackycat tasks the player with juggling a never-ending stream of cute felines. Players simply tap the cats to keep them in the air but if a single cat hits the floor, it’s game over.

The game has already garnered massive praise from users a lot of positive feedback in regards to the way the game is played, as well as the nods to the lo-fi art-style that mimics, and was inspired by, films by Jared Hess and Wes Anderson.

You can grab the game right now from the iTunes app store for only $0.99.