iPhone App Garners 800,000 Waiting to Use it

iPhone 5

The new mail app called Mailbox brings some revolutionary new features to the e-mail space for mobile phones. However, it’s so popular that there’s a waiting list of more than 800,000 waiting to make use of the app.

The Economic Times is reporting that the app has reached critical mass with the amount of people who want to use it, with Gentry Underwood, the CEO and co-founder of Orchestra, saying…

“The big shift is away from a mobile email client that is a shrunken version of a desktop email client towards a mobile email client focused primarily around processing and triage,”

What makes Mailbox so great? You can do things like delay when you receive message from certain people or set notifications for the importance of replies.

The app has received such wipe appeal and acclaim that everyone wants to get in on the action these days and you can too…except, of course, you’ll have to join the waiting list of nearly a million other people until they can increase server load.