iPhone Revenue Catching up to Android in India

iPhone 5 Screen

Apple has had a long road ahead of them regarding their market penetration in the middle east, with slow sales and moderately low revenue streams coming out of Africa and Asia. However, that all changed in the fourth-quarter of 2012 when Apple’s iPhone is showing signs of catching up to and potentially surpassing Samsung and their Android handset in India, when it comes to revenue share.

The Mac Observer pulled a story from The Economic Times where they report that the iPhone in the fourth quarter has closed the gap with the Android phone rising from a 3.9 percent revenue share to a whopping 15.6 percent.

IDC India’s Senior Market Analyst Manasi Yadav stated in the company’s report that…

“Apple’s sudden jump to become the second-largest player by revenue in smartphones is a surprise as has been the four-fold increase in shipment of iPhones to India in the last quarter,”… “We expect equally high numbers for the current quarter as well.”

In regards to actual revenue share and the rankings in India, Samsung controls the majority of the pie at 38.8 percent, with Apple following close behind at 15.6 percent. Rounding out the rest of the bracket is Sony at 9.4 percent, Nokia with 7.3 percent and Micromax at 6.5 percent of the market share.

Analysts believe that Apple’s aggressive storm into India’s market will pay off for the company in the long run, despite the high-end price of the iPhone.