PowerSkin Pop’n Battery Works With Third-Party iPhone Cases

PowerSkin Pop'n Battery


A new external battery to help extend the life of the iPhone’s running time from PowerSkin has been made available.

Gotta Be Mobile spotted the new PowerSkin, 2,000 mAH battery pack that extends the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 with 70 percent more battery life.

The Pop’n battery comes with a USB connector and a Lightning adapter for both older iPhones and newer models. The best part about it is that the Pop’n battery is designed to fit any third-party iPhone case, so for those of you rocking something ridiculous like a LEGO brick case or something Spigen Slim Armor case, you’ll be able to keep your iPhone charged and ready for use.

The PowerSkin Pop’n battery is available for only $69.99 through the PowerSkin website.