iPhone is More Reliable Than Samsung Phones, Says Study

iPhone 5 Front to Back

Which smartphone best suits your tastes in reliability? If you answered Samsung, you’d be more wrong than you know.

According to Mashable, Fixya released a new study showcasing which smartphones are most reliable. Guess which one was ranked at the top? The iPhone.

According to FixYa CEO and founder Yaniv Bensadon…

“Our newest FixYa report looks at lines like the iPhone, Galaxy, or Lumia, and through a careful analysis of issues versus market share, we’ve been able to directly compare manufacturers using a reliability score. The result is an accurate and fair method of a scaled approach to fairly compare these top companies to truly see who is the most reliable, and who is barely even competing.”

Apple scored the highest with the iPhone ranking 3.47, where-as Samsung was way down at the bottom at 1.21. I guess it easily tells which smartphone is more reliable.

  • lrd555

    Like I could have told you this. Samsung couldn’t make a feature phone that worked well. How the hell do you think they’d make a smart phone that works well?

    And I love that unicorn commercial. Why? Because it’s a waste of money.

  • Bech..

    These are not number of phones sent back to manufacture for repair. These are how many people post problems on Fixya.

    Apple had very good customer support for problems hence why most people
    would go to a apple care center rather than try and ask on Fixya.

    Its also down to the type of people that buy different products.