Solid Gold iPhone 5 Case Costs $14,000

Golden iPhone

You really want a really fancy case for your iPhone 5? You’ll probably want the gold plated iPhone 5 case called Haven. It only costs $14,000.

IGN is reporting that company Brikk has been asked to make a high-end case for the iPhone 5, and they decided to deliver.

The case comes in pink gold, gold gold or platinum gold. The whole thing looks rather exquisite and far less gaudy than one might expect. However, given the through and through gold material, the case is worth a whopping $14,000. On the upside, some of the cases at least start at $11,000.

  • ArtemisKitty

    I’m confused. So according to the article it’s “Solid Gold” and “through and through gold material” yet also “Gold Plated”? Makes a rather huge difference… Also, what purity are we talking here? Again, major quality/price difference between a 14k and 24k product…

  • Phillips5151

    Its not plated… Its solid

  • Matthew Walters

    I would like that