Facebook App Lets You Make Free Calls on iPhone

Facebook App

Good news for users of Apple’s smartphone: If you have the Facebook app installed you’re eligible to make free calls.

If it sounds kind of amazing, well that’s because it kind of is.

According to the Economic Times, the Facebook app for iOS has been updated to include a really nifty feature: free calling.

Calls are routed over the net using Wi-Fi hotspots. It’ll probably put some wear and tear on your data plan, but free calls sure do come in handy. You can grab the latest Facebook update now and start making free calls with the app.

  • Mark

    I’m in Canada and all I see with all my friends is a crossed out phone and when I hit it, it just say free calls are not available right now. Does a Facebook setting need to be changed?

  • Sheldon

    The real benefit of making telephone calls via WIFI Itsnot the cost because many phone plans now offer unlimited phone calls. The overlooked advantage to voice over IP via WIFI is better stronger reception. For example I run LTE but my home which has a powerful WFI only handles data by using my WIFI also for calls means my reception greatly improves, dropped calls will also drop. As an aside the party you are talking to can either be on cell towers or WIFI.