Riot Brings Societal Concerns to iOS


Given the harsh realities of our current day society, which is being overrun with overt corporatism and the phasing out of middle class, game developer Riot has announced Riot.

The game is currently in development and seeking funding on IndieGoGo and the company has released a new trailer to give users an idea about what to expect from the project. The amazing thing about it is that Riot is nonpartisan – users will be able to pick which side they want to back and which side they will aim to lead to victory, whether it be the police or the rioters. Check it out below.

This is some wicked looking stuff that should prove to make some waves in the gaming space. The tone of the game looks very dark and equally dramatic, and gamers interested in this game can either learn more by visiting IndieGoGo or the Steam Greenlight page.