BlackBerry Z10 Outsells iPhone 5 at Canadian Retailer

Blackberry Z10 vs iPhone 5

While majority of the news is dominated by Samsung and Apple, apparently BlackBerry is still in the race to win it, noting that their Z10 outsold the iPhone 5 at a Canadian retailer.

BGR is reporting that despite a lot of market downgrading for BlackBerry, the company made a surprise return to form when it was announced by a large retailer chain in Canada, Glentel, that the BlackBerry Z10 has been their best selling smartphone throughout February, as noted by the Globe and Mail.

Glentel has denied sharing the actual sales figures between the three top smartphones, but it’s still very telling that BlackBerry has managed to beat out iPhone and Samsung’s mobile phones in Canada. Blackberry’s stock has supposedly taken a climb because of the news, but how long will they be able to stay on top in Canada?

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    Pure hogwash, glentel is not a major retailer and there is no demand for the blackberry in Canada. Best buy in calgary had 2 models to try out with no customers at all