Staples Opening Apple Center in Their Stores

AT&T iPhone 5

It appears you’ll be able to get your Apple products refitted to your tastes with accessories, gadgets and more with a new gadget center at Staples’ stores.

According to iDownloadBlog, Staples’ execs revealed that they may be partnering with Apple by opening up stations within Staples that cater specifically to Apple’s illustrious line of high-end handsets, desktop computers and accessories.

As printed on iDB….

The company is offering a range of iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac accessories and peripherals, including mice, keyboards, Appleā€™s Smart Covers, the $99 Apple TV set-top box, as well as Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Time Capsule wireless appliances

Supposedly, Staples will also begin selling more of Apple’s actual handsets at some point, but there’s no confirmation on if or when this will become available Stateside. You can purchase Apple products from Staples over in Canada.