Major Kindle Bug Fixed For iOS

Kindle App

For those of you who read eBooks on your Apple devices, you may have encountered a rather damaging bug that erased all the users eBooks and metadata.

According to NBC News, the Kindle bug worked a real number on iOS powered devices, wiping out and erasing all the users’ digital books and associated metadata.

The bugged version was 3.6.1, something that Amazon was quick to remedy in a newly released version 3.6.2. By all means, you’ll probably want to avoid Kindle version 3.6.1 like the plague.

NBC further reported that…

Users who had their libraries deleted should be able to log back in and re-download their media, Amazon confirmed to NBC News, as well as any notes and other metadata that might have been associated, despite some reports to the contrary.

If you have the Kindle app it would probably be best to grab update 3.6.2 as soon as possible to get the latest updates without any of the bugs.