Verizon Charges $299 For iPhone That Never Worked

iPhone 4 Broke

A big corporation taking advantage of a no-name consumer due to a faulty product? Well, that’s nothing new and yet, it’s also making the rounds on the news circuits.

The Consumerist has a report on the whole ordeal, which saw a teen buying an iPhone 4 that had problems with the home button. The teen and his parents took the phone to the Apple store where they were issued a refurbished replacement.

Shortly after getting the replacement, the teen claims that the iPhone 4 kept shutting off for no apparent reason and they decided to send it in to Verizon for a replacement. They received the replacement but the refurbished phone still didn’t work.

A few weeks after receiving a non-working, refurbished iPhone 4, Verizon sent out a letter claiming that the teen and his parents owed them $299 because of water damage found in the iPhone 4.

According to Bamboozled, the teen’s mom stated…

“We got the bill for someone else’s damage,”… “I think either they mixed up the phones or gave us a defective phone in the first place.”

Verizon has apparently requested to send the family $136 in repairs after the family went to the media about the situation. However, the $136 comes with a non-disclosure agreement, which would legally bind the family from further talking about their case.

Instead of shutting up about it and letting the corporation get away with it, the family has decided to keep this nasty bit of business in the news. Good for them.