Piano Genius Coming Soon to iOS

Piano Genius app

If you like making music but you’re not the best at making music, there’s an app for that. Piano Genius will open up the doors of musical creativity for anyone who wants to play music casually or professionally.

Jeremy Keehn, CEO of Synaptic Stuff commented about the new upcoming app, saying…

“Piano Genius is our first title focused on the excitement, confidence and accomplishment that music games can give,” “As players level up, complete challenges and compete with friends, they’re actually playing real piano patterns without having to go through a learning app, which in itself is a lot more fun and intuitive then traditional ways of experiencing the piano.”

You don’t need to be a Chopin or a Yanni to make great music, as Piano Genius enables anyone to play songs from Mozart all the way up to Coldplay. You can learn timing, piano key rhythms and how to play by simply playing.

The app supports orchestrated compositions so you and your friends can put together amazing piano works by just playing. The app features more than 300 songs, dynamic difficulty levels and more. You can look for the app to launch soon for Apple’s iOS powered mobile devices.