iPhone 5S Parts Leak?

iPhone 5S Part

It’s possible that the iPhone 5S really is closer to release than anyone may have anticipated. New images have surfaced pointing to possible iPhone 5S parts.

According to iDownloadblog, French blogging site Nowhereelse.fr managed to get hold of photos that are allegedly attached to the upcoming iPhone 5S.

The photos show what’s potentially the new home button mechanism, which – as the image above shows – is very similar to the setup of the current iPhone 5.

Rumors have long gestated that the iPhone 5S will be a lot closer to the iPhone 5 than the iPhone 5 was to the iPhone 4S. It would technically make sense given that the iPhone 5S really is just an iPhone 5 with an ‘S’ at the end.

Additional rumors point to the iPhone 5S’ parts going into production next month as Apple could potentially plan for the next generation handheld device to launch near end of the year.