iPhone 5 Case Adds Graphic Equalizer

iPhone 5 iEQ Case

Have you ever felt like your iPhone wasn’t properly resonating all the incoming sounds, effects and atmospheric experiences of your everyday life? Well, now it can with the new equalizer case from Strapya World.

The iEqualizer gives users a nice amount of graphic feedback on every sound, noise, bump, ring, musical tone and more just by being attached to your iPhone 5.

A new promo video was also released that Gizmodo picked up, which you can view below.

As it was noted in the article, the EQ doesn’t drain your iPhone 5’s battery, as you know there’s enough in the phone itself to carry out that task. Instead, the iEQ has its own separate battery that charges the graphic displays that show up on the back of the phone case.

You can grab the iPhone 5’s iEqualizer case for only $32 from the Strapya World Website.