Fram iPhone Case Lets You Use Custom Photos

iPhone Fram Case

A new case from Ideative called the Frām case for the iPhone allows users to do something rather creative: Create a custom backing made up of any kind of photo or image you want.

Many iPhone cases that support custom photos usually require you to pay extra to get the image you want displayed on the case, however with Frām, you can simply and easily use the case itself as a cutout template for the photo you want and then use scissors or a cutting tool to snip out the image that you want on your iPhone.

With the case’s clear frame module, you can put your cutout image into the Frām case and bam, you have yourself a custom image on your not-very-cheap iPhone.

TUAW is reporting that the new case from Ideative will hit the $34.95 range and you can learn more by visiting the Official Website.