iPhone 5 Sales Make it Less Attractive, Says Analyst

iPhone 5 front/back

The poor sales of the iPhone 5 in the eyes of one analyst has made it less attractive in the market place and to investors and believes that Apple needs to work hard to get back on track.

According to Mercury News, Goldman Sachs’ Bill Shope had some startling things to say about the state of Apple’s iPhone 5, noting that it didn’t sell as well as he had hoped and that it has affected their stock price in the long run since September, where it sat at a high of $705.07 per share.

Shope believes that the only redeeming factor for Apple at this point – in order to save enough market value to regain their previous luster – is to release new devices that are a complete overhaul of the previous devices.

At this point, the ball firmly falls in Apple’s court to ‘wow’ both consumers and analysts alike with whatever they release later this year.