Pelican ProGear Cases For iPhone 5 Get High-Tech

Pelican ProGear Case

Some new cases for the iPhone 5 have launched courtesy of high-end case maker, Pelican. The new ProGear cases not only look cool but provide a lot of functionality, too.

Slash Gear managed to get some hands on time with the new cases in the ProGear line of Pelican’s rugged, rough-and-tumble line-up of accessories for Apple’s iPhone devices.

The ProGear Protector contains an elastomeric interior lining and shock-deflecting exterior to prevent your iPhone from becoming damaged from long drops, falls, bumps and bruises. The ProGear Vault, which is in the main image courtesy of SlashGear, is outfitted with the same functionality as the Protector, only it contains a heavy duty exterior with high-grade quality hex-head machine screws to keep it all in place. It looks righteously rugged.

You can grab a Pelican ProGear Protector and Vault for $79.95.