Gold iPhone 5 Worth $15 Million

Gold iPhone 5

If you had $15 million to blow would you buy a thorough gold iPhone 5 with a one-of-a-kind $14 million dollar black diamond engraved into the Home button?

CNN is reporting on the overly expensive iPhone specifically made and designed by renown auteur of fine jewelry craftsmanship, Stuart Hughes.

The Hughes from Liverpool, England has taken great care in designing the $15 million dollar iPhone for a certain “Joe” the businessman from China.

“Joe” had a rare family heirloom he wanted encrusted into the gold iPhone 5 that would be lined with rare diamonds. According to Hughes…

It’s not often that people get to deal with a very, very rare diamond,”…”We had a tech guy in Macau who was able to set the stone, which to this day has never left China,”

So what’s the whole point of the expensive iPhone worth $15 million? Nothing. It’s just expensive and has “Joe’s” family heirloom engraved into the Home button. That’s it.

This bit of news reminds us that there are people who have money who have zero clue with what to do with it. By the way, the main image above is not the gold, diamond encrusted iPhone 5 that belongs to “Joe”.