Apple Keeps Anonymized Siri Data for Up to 2 Years

Siri iPhone

Data collected by Apple from its Siri service was revealed to be kept up to two years before being discarded.Apple revealed to Wired after pressure from privacy advocates to reveal exactly what it knows about its users and what it keeps, that the information gathered by Siri is kept anonymously for up to two years. Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller says it athe company takes customer privacy very seriously.

Much of the work for Siri is done remotely. It’s why the service requires a data connection. The voice clips are stored by Apple and are given a random number and no other identification is kept. Not an Apple ID, email address or any other personal information. After six months the random number is reassigned and not connected to the saved clip, but the audio file stays on the server for up to two years for “testing and product improvement purposes.”

However, if the user turns off Siri then the random identifier is deleted along with all the data associated with it.