iPhone 5S Plastic Case Leaked Early?

iPhone 5S

While news has surfaced that the iPhone 6 has been delayed by a great deal, it appears some individuals may have gotten their hands on a first glimpse at the iPhone 5S’ plastic case design.

Daily Mail – amid a lot of trash and gossip – found an interesting tidbit from Tactus, which claims to have gotten their hands on an image of the upcoming plastic-based iPhone 5S.

So why is the image so important and why is it burning up the interwebs? Well, if this image doesn’t turn out to be a hoax or a downward slope of hearsay rumor mongering that has entrenched many tech sites in false reporting when it comes to Apple products, then this might be a big breakthrough in what to expect from the cheap rendition of Apple’s popular iPhone brand.

The iPhone 5S is expect to sell for a reported $250 or so and would provide an entry level way for poor people and budget conscious technophiles to get a hold of the iPhone without paying out an arm and a leg for the high-end tech device.

However, until Apple makes the announcement complete, all of this is just an image floating around the continued cycle of the ever-churning spin of the rumor mill.