Mighty Phone Fold Wallet Case Now Available For iPhone

Mighty Phone Fold Wallet Case

Do you need to keep your money, your ID and your iPhone all in the same place so when it gets stolen you lose everything – your entire life – all at once? Well, if you live life dangerously then you’ll love Hard Graft’s new Mighty Phone Fold Wallet, which is currently available for purchase.

The accessory is a quality made leather folding wallet case, enabling you to easily and conveniently store your iPhone, your credit cards, your ID, social security card and everything else in between.

As noted on Stupid Dope….

The wallet portion of the design holds about eight credit cards and some paper cash. Sorry, no coins allowed. Only problem with this is that if it gets lost, it’s a total wash. All items would have to be replaced, iPhone included. Apple products aren’t exactly the easiest products to replace.

Forget the iPhone, what about your social security, debit and credit cards? That’s some pretty devastating items to lose if someone snatches your Fold Wallet just for your iPhone.

Nevertheless, this is an item being sold as a quality item and carries with it a hefty $167 price tag…the cost of buying most mobile phones (that aren’t iPhones, anyway). You can grab a new Mighty Phone Fold Wallet from the official Hand Graft website.