The Silent Age Updated For iOS

House of Fire

The Government conspiracy adventure game, The Silent Age by House of Fire, has been updated for mobile adventure gamers. The latest update brings a few fixes and stomping of the bugs for mobile phone users.

The game itself sees players taking on the role of Joe Average, a completely compliant Joe Schmoe who gets wrapped up in a conspiracy thriller when someone dies while he’s at work doing his daily janitorial gig. However, he recovers from the dead man a device that spells out a horrific truth.

Set in the liberal uprising of the 1970s amidst the Cold War, the quest for peace and lots of civil rights movements, House of Fire’s The Silent Age is both a dramatically compelling game and one that attempts to pole players into the controversies of a bygone era.

You can take charge of an uncertain destiny with The Silent Age right now for your iPhone, by picking up a digital copy from the iTunes app store…for free.