LinkedIn Contacts App Launches For iPhone

LinkedIn App

Need to stay in contact with important clientele? How about keeping up on the latest from employees and employers alike? Well, the new LinkedIn Contacts app for iOS powered devices could help you out big time in that regards.

Technorati spotlights the new app with a nice little write-up on its features and functions. And the best part about it is that it’s free…yes, free. As noted in the article…

With this app, you’ll never miss an opportunity to stay in touch, as it gives you details on each person you’re meeting, review your most recent correspondence with a contact, and even see where you left off the conversation with that person before picking up the phone. You can also sort contacts by recent conversation and filter by company or location to find the right person for the task at hand.


If you’d like to keep LinkedIn with you while you travel on the go, it might be a wise idea to grab the app right now from the iTunes app store. And did I happen to mention that the Contacts app is free? Well, yes, it is.

The benefits far outweigh the cons and if you spend a lot of time managing resources and contacts on LinkedIn, the new app is probably worth the time of downloading and installing on your smartphone.