iPhone 5 Could Sell 50 Million Units in US Alone

A survey covering 2,000 individuals reveals some interesting figures, and suggests massive sales potential for the iPhone 5.

The survey by Robert W Baird analyst William Power suggested that the new iPhone will have strong demand from consumers. Out of the 2,000 surveyed 39% are eligible for an upgrade, with an additional 6% becoming eligible within the next three months.

Around 45% of those eligible for their upgrades stated that they would be purchasing an iPhone with a majority of them planning on purchasing the iPhone 5. This is compared to the 22% that said they would be purchasing an Android device. The remaining 31% stated they did not know which phone they would be getting next.

The results of the survey, if they hold true, suggests 50 million initial sales of the iPhone 5. An initial sales footprint like that would be only the beginning of the sales life of the iPhone 5 if classic statistics stay true and other analysts’ predictions come true.

We will only know how popular the new iPhone will truly be after the first batch hits store shelves on the 21st of September.