iPhone 5S Production Confirmed by Pegatron?

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Pegatron has been ramping up workforce numbers, an estimated 40,000 by some reports. The ramping up comes with rumors that the additional workforce is related to Apple’s iPhone 5S going into production.

Rumors have long been gestating that the low-cost or budget-priced iPhone 5S would begin production by this summer for a potential fall release. The Register does some simple math to deduce that the rumors involving Chinese manufactures producing a new low-cost iPhone and one of Apple’s top suppliers, Pegatron, adding additional numbers to their workforce during the production period could mean that they’re readying for the new phone.

However, like many rumors before it, we can’t count on these having any weight until Apple verifies that the iPhone 5S is, indeed, arriving at some point. For now, though, a lot of the evidence really does look in favor of a new generation iPhone being in the works at this time.