iPhone 6 Launching This September?

iPhone 6

New information has surfaced indicating that the iPhone 6 may be launching sooner than anyone thinks. The rumor mill has spurred into action once again now that new info indicates that the iPhone 6 could arrive no sooner than September.

Phones Review points to past interviews, analytical reports and Peter Misek from Piper Jaffray as inspiration to believe in the September launch window for Apple’s next iPhone.

However, the site doesn’t discount that perhaps there is a bit of confusion between which new iPhone is expected to launch at the end of this summer, noting that the iPhone 5S may be the real culprit launching and not the iPhone 6. However, at this junction, there’s no way to know for sure until Apple makes the full announcement.

  • http://www.explainingindia.blogspot.in/ Sachi Mohanty

    Really?! Let the countdown begin!

  • Matty

    I think it will be the 5s I do not think they will miss it out, and I curtanly can’t see to phones being released in that short space of time, having said that time will tell

  • Harry_Wild

    Because of Samsung Galaxy 4S and HTC One; Apple needs a iPhone6 in 2013!


      There is NO #SAMSUNG_GALAXY_4s, just a #SAMSUNG_GALAXY_S4 I believe

      • Harry_Wild

        My bad; reverse the characters! But Samsung is continuing to improve both the software and processor and calling it the S4! Must make the competitors crazy! I like their strategy of always being on the cutting edge as oppose to Apple who just delays their products and give their consumer’s subpar technology and charges the same or higher price for their mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad Mini while repackaging it with either different cases or colors – and marketing it as something that is beyond current state of the art and in truth uses technology that is 2 year old or more!


    Will #TMOBILE_US_Inc get #iPHONE_6