Solving This Major iPhone 6 Plus Issue Is Easy

iPhone 6 and other iOS devicesA lot of smartphone users are curious about very basic functions of some of the newest phones on the market. For instance, will a certain unlocked phone work with a certain carrier? Or what kind of signal and service are provided for unlocked phones compared to ones that are locked in with a carrier? Well, one iPhone 6 owner was curious about using an iPhone 6 Plus that was locked with Verizon and they wanted to know if they could use a previously locked phone with another network provider. Read more

How To Fix The iPhone’s Push Notification Problem

iPhone Push Notification

Some people have been having problems with Push Notifications when using their iPhone 4. Some encountered this issue when running iOS 5. Part of the problem is that when they attempt to use third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram they get a “Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications” message and it won’t fix itself even after connecting to iTunes. Well, there’s a simple fix to the problem. Read more

Things Customers Hate About iPhone 6

iPhone 6Apple’s iPhone 6 has been quite popular and the phone has managed to bring in a lot of attention for its large screen, sleek design and glossy presentation. All the updated apps and iOS functionality has also made it a favorite amongst technophiles and gadget aficionados. However, not everyone seems to like Apple’s latest creation and after being on the market for nearly a year, here are some of the things people hate about it. Read more

Here’s How Apple is Changing iCloud For iPhone Users

Apple Forces Transmit to Remove Send to iCloud Drive Feature

A file management app from Panic named Transmit, landed on iOS with the launch of iOS 8, adding different types of useful capabilities that brought out more iOS features. This includes the ‘Extensibility’ options that lets any app upload many different files to a server using Transmit, and a “Send” feature that allows files to be shared to multiple services like Dropbox and iCloud Drive. Read more

Protect Your iPhone 6 With SwitchEasy’s New AirMask


SwitchEasy is always at the forefront of manufacturing different types of tech and designs, like the AirMask. This new installment is not a wrap nor a case; since it doesn’t require time to install or add additional bulk. AirMask offers a very unique 360º protection on all areas which needs to be covered, including the screen. Installation is absolutely fool proof and it only takes a few seconds to apply. Read more