Apple Has Patent For New Data Sharing FaceTime App

Facetime sharing ap

On Tuesday, Apple was granted the patent for item No. 8,965,349, for an “Interactive application sharing” project.
This new mobile data sharing app will allow for real time sharing and interaction during FaceTime calls. Apple has pointed out that current devices, such as the iPhone and iPad already have data sharing abilities, but they say that there are a number of obstacles to share information smoothly.

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Apple Invites Developers To Cupertino To Work On Apple Watch Apps

Apple-Watch- and iPhone 6

Apple has been working with several third-party App Store developers at its Cupertino, California offices to assist developers in finishing up applications for the upcoming Apple Watch.

Development and design representatives from dozens of different development firms have visited Apple last week, or are coming to Cupertino this week, to work with Apple engineers to finish up WatchKit-based applications.
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