Pharrell’s Freedom Will Be Exclusive To Apple Music

Apple Music 2 “Freedom,” that’s Pharrell’s newest single that will land exclusively for Apple Music. Both will arrive to fans on June 30th. In addition, it will bring support to over one hundred countries across iOS devices, like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. As well as the Mac, Windows PCs, and native Android app support and of course, Apple TV compatibility support.
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New Video Made On iPhone’s Camera

Bulge iphone_6_space_gray_16gb 4 We all know that most new phones only last about a few years, or until the user’s two-year contract is up or expires, and sadly, that’s just something most will have to deal with. I see some old phones still thriving to this day, but you know, not everyone has a phone like that, so with that said, a new video surfaced called “The Life and Death of an iPhone.” Read more