500px Updated With iPhone 6 Support

500px (1)

One of the most popular photo sharing app ’500px’ has posted a huge update for their iOS client on Thursday. This brings the app to version 2.9. This particular update brings about a variety of changes and improvements, this includes new support for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the 1Password iOS 8 login extension.
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Opera Mini Version 9.1 Makes iOS 8 Better

Opera app updates for iOS 8.1.2

The Opera Mini web browser for the iPhone and iPad by Opera Software simply received a iOS 8 extension, and a few other features in the latest 9.1 update. This extension makes it more convenient and easy to open links in Opera Mini from other apps while using the multi-purpose iOS Share menu.
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Here’s How Apple is Changing iCloud For iPhone Users

Apple Forces Transmit to Remove Send to iCloud Drive Feature

A file management app from Panic named Transmit, landed on iOS with the launch of iOS 8, adding different types of useful capabilities that brought out more iOS features. This includes the ‘Extensibility’ options that lets any app upload many different files to a server using Transmit, and a “Send” feature that allows files to be shared to multiple services like Dropbox and iCloud Drive.
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Apple Adds This New Feature to iPhone’s Maps

Apple Flyover_paris

Apple on Friday added 9 new locations to their Flyover feature in Maps courtesy of MacRumors. These landmarks were added to France, Sweden, New Zealand, and a few in the United States. Flyover allows users to simply pinch to zoom in and pan around high resolution views of more than a hundred different places and landmarks. And with this new additions to Maps, users can now view a total of 101 supported locations.

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Here’s Why Apple Doesn’t Want You to Jailbreak Your iPhone


Jailbreaking an iPhone is pretty much fine and legal in the U.S., but Apple has always made it known that they clearly stand against it. There has been some recent reports that are saying Apple is recommending users not to ‘Jailbreak’, and simply warning users that it may void your warranty, some say you can’t criticize or come down on Apple for this policy because it makes lots of sense.

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