New Apple TV Gaming Controller Arrives

atv controler steelseries

In a segment of Apple’s website catered towards the newest Apple TV gaming aspects, the company revealed that SteelSeries third-party controllers are in fact compatible with the new Apple TV. The iOS-compatible Bluetooth gaming controller can be used on the new TV if developers specifically include support, in the same way that compatibility is currently optional on iPhones and iPads.

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New Reports Note Gaming Will Help Apple TV

ATV3-9028 2

A new report notes Apple will center their attention toward the gaming aspects of the new Apple TV when they announce it to the public during the media event. However, this isn’t the only report that notes Apple to focus on the set-top streamer to revolve around the capabilities to control the living room for gaming, many analyst think the same about the new TV.
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Beat Da Beat Mobile gaming coming to iOS

Beat Da Beat 2

Beat Da Beat is a new mobile game developed by Nekki, the same makers of the popular parkour game- Vector. In Beat Da Beat you play as a futuristic space pilot that must rescue his girlfriend from evil space invaders, but with a twist. This isn’t your average space-shooter, it is a dubstep music, rhythm style, bullet hell space shooter.

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