New Video Shows How To Use Force Touch

6s iPhone 1 Learning something before you obtain that specific item, or device can be very useful. For instance, learning how to use all the new features in iOS 9 would be great, especially if we could learn them all right now. In addition, a new video shows how to use the new iPhone 6s’ Force Touch feature, which sports a few different things from the Apple Watch and Mac trackpad.   Read more

Solving This Major iPhone 6 Plus Issue Is Easy

iPhone 6 and other iOS devicesA lot of smartphone users are curious about very basic functions of some of the newest phones on the market. For instance, will a certain unlocked phone work with a certain carrier? Or what kind of signal and service are provided for unlocked phones compared to ones that are locked in with a carrier? Well, one iPhone 6 owner was curious about using an iPhone 6 Plus that was locked with Verizon and they wanted to know if they could use a previously locked phone with another network provider. Read more

How To Fix The iPhone’s Push Notification Problem

iPhone Push Notification

Some people have been having problems with Push Notifications when using their iPhone 4. Some encountered this issue when running iOS 5. Part of the problem is that when they attempt to use third-party apps like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram they get a “Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications” message and it won’t fix itself even after connecting to iTunes. Well, there’s a simple fix to the problem. Read more