How To Reset Forgotten Passcodes On Your Apple Device

restore passcodes on apple device

Unfortunately there has been quite a bit of times where I, or other people I’ve known, that have forgotten their passcodes on a device; And ended up stomped, frustrated and annoyed of constantly typing, taking out and re-entering in their characters, and getting absolutely nowhere and agitated. That is why Apple makes it super easy for their users to conveniently re-get their passcodes back again, in a pretty straightforward, user-friendly way. Read more

A Guide To Turn Off Your Cellular Data & LTE On Your iPhone

How to turn off data

Whether you are running low on a battery and need to make a quick phone call, or maybe you’re on a really tight data plan and don’t want to run up your phone bill; There are many reasons why it’s important to learn how to turn off your cellular data and LTE on your iPhone, for any of those just in case moments.

So here is a guide to do just that. Read more

5 Settings To Make Your iPhone & iPad So Much Better

iPhone 6s has smaller battery

Most iPhone and iPad users normally know the basic features of their device, but sometimes don’t know all of the special little handy settings that they have, that can make using their gadgets so much more easier. That’s why we thought to rally up the top 5 most easy setting tricks on your iPhone and iPad, so that you can text, browse, call etc; In a way that you’ve never even done before. Read more

Seven Hidden Features On Your iPhone That You May Not Know About

Hidden features

The iPhone has been out since 2007, yet there are still a lot of hidden features many people just don’t know about. Whether it’s calling your carrier’s text message center, checking your bill balance, or even checking your missed phone calls; We’re going to be giving you a full list of all the hidden things you can do with your iPhone, that you probably didn’t even know you could do. Read more