This iOS 8 Bug is Deleting iCloud Drive Files

iOS-8 out

This problem, or I should say ‘issue’ here, is when you have pressed the ‘Delete All Settings’ option, or have it selected, users are specifically told that “no data or media will be deleted.” But that does not seem to be the case with iOS 8. Courtesy to MacRumors which says, and they have confirmed the process, which is also deleting select files.

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iOS 8 Allows For New Battery Check

iPhone battery

iOS 8, the new addition to Apple’s operating system,  now allows you to see how much your battery is being used by different types of none or ongoing apps, by simply going to the settings application. And from there you will have the ability to track battery usage, per each app you have installed on your device.
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Apple No Longer Allows iOS 7.1.2 Downgrade

iOs 7.1.2

If you were planning on downgrading your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOS 7.1.2 and sadly you haven’t had time to do so, you are officially out of luck. iOS jailbreak developer iH8sn0w confirmed on Friday that Apple has stopped signing iOS 7.1.2, meaning that iOS 7.1.2 has officially been stopped, well, in terms of you cannot downgrade from iOS 8 to the previous iOS 7.1.2; the window for moving backwards from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 has completely shut.
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The New KuaiBoard App Comes To iOS 8


The kuaiBoard which was made for the iOS 8, now brings new things to your very own iPhone with this new, well, template maker? This one is actually not an actual keyboard, although it could be if you designated it that way, but it it’s more of a template fill-in, insofar that you can use for quickly sending text that you repeat often with just one tap. 
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New Fixes Said To Come For iOS 8 Bugs

iOS-8 out

It has been said, and when these things happen, it is no fun. According to the site MacRumors, iOS 8.0.1 will address the bugs and problems in mobile Safari, which has caused some videos not to play, and one that prevents Passbook passes from being shared over AirDrop. The company Apple will also address an issue with installing VPN profiles, and more.
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Check Out These Skype Features For iPhone 6


Skype has gained some new iOS 8 features, which now allows you to use your iPhone 5.5 on up, with this new update. Allowing you to find all your friends and family in an instant, with over 300-million people using Skype, you’re bound to bump into someone you know. Letting you talk with your fingers – No matter where you are, your circle of friends are always available with free messaging. Call your world from Skype – Free voice, and video calls let you talk to your family, or friends with simple ease with Skype.

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Check Out These Newly Optimized Apps For iOS 8

Photo apps for iOS 8

There has been a flood of apps doing the new conversion, and if you are wondering, what does that mean? Well, it means that a bundle of your favorite photo apps are now compatible with iOS 8. And that means apps like the popular: Camera Plus, Camera360 Ultimate, Fragment, Halftone 2, iMovie, Litely, Lumiè, Snapchat, PIX2, POMELO , and Scanner Pro are now compatible, and optimized for the all new iOS 8.
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Teevee 3 Evolves With iOS 8, And is Now Free

Teevee 3


The app Teevee 3 gets some new evolution, as it climbs up with the all new iOS 8. The app can now show you nearly everything about your favorite TV Shows, with much ease. You can simply choose a lot of these things from several lists, like the trending list of shows, or you can search for the show you like. Then you will have a total overview of the shows you like to watch, which has a huge database, that contains more than 30,000 TV Shows.

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Here’s How to Make iOS 8 Easier to Use


Fleksy Happy Typing is now available for iOS 8, and also allows for some new things, and features with its very own unique virtual typing keyboards. And now Fleksy is claiming to  one of  the fastest virtual keyboards in the world. One of the first third party keyboards for iOS 8, Fleksy brings new kinds of typing speeds, customization, and new features to iPhone, and iPad typing.
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