Two New iOS 8 Keyboards Land For Free To Grab

iOS 8 Keyboards for iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

Apple’s recent iOS 8 update was one of the biggest updates to the iOS platform in years. This was initially released back in September, these updates include a tone of new features and a variety of new APIs for developers. Among some of them were third-party keyboard support, which means, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users can now get a hold of these new iOS 8 keyboards for free.

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Want to Jailbreak Your iOS 8 Device With Eight Easy Steps?


That is right, a 1.1 update version of Pangu’s Jailbreak is here for Windows. This version, is said to be complete with a bundle of Cydia installation and English text. This all new jailbreak not only works for the iPhone 6 but the iPhone 6 Plus. There are also a few differences in some of the screens that you’ll encounter during the jailbreak process, but don’t worry, there are some steps to guide you along the way.

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iHeartRadio Brings a List of New Changes to iOS 8


iHeartRadio is one of the only applications which features thousands of live radio stations, all across the country, and makes creating custom stations as simple as telling someone your favorite songs or artists. iHeartRadio pretty much does all the work for you, and even creates a playlist for you from their huge library of 20 million songs, which is from 450,000 artists.

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Apple Releases iOS 8.1 Along With Some New Features


Apple has kept their word, which was promised at their iPad & Mac event last Thursday. iOS 8.1 is now publicly available with new features including Apple Pay, iCloud Photo Library, and additional Continuity features. Apple Pay is supported by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards with American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo as launch partner banks.

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iOS 8.1 Update Brings Back Camera-Roll to iPhone 6

iOS 8

Back and around September 19th, you might remember that the Camera-Roll went missing. And the Apple-Support-Forums were filled with buzzing and disgruntled users, who were simply venting their frustration with iOS 8 presumably removing some of their photos, which the company’s inexplicable removal of the Camera-Roll album in iOS 8 got some fans somewhat angry. But now, the Camera-Roll has appeared again, and is now accessible for the all new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Apple Confirms iCloud Photos Will Need iOS 8.1

iCloud DownPeople who are about to simply sign up or who are already signed up for iCloud Beta, should simply visit the same URL, as one should see what has now come of the site. Having an all new or I should say ‘brand’ new webpage, which now shows off colorful yet gradient graphics, and a all new message which simply says “To use iCloud Photos on the web, upgrade your iOS device to iOS 8.1”.

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Could Apple Pay Launch October 18th For iOS 8.1?

apple-logo There has been an alleged letter that has been sent to Walgreens store managers, which courtesy of MacRumors  has published, this letter simply refers to “the launch of Apple Pay on October 18th.” This letter does not indicate whether the company or Apple plans to launch their payment service across the U.S. on that same day, or if the store Walgreens itself is planning to make a coordinated release for that, which would be on Saturday.

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Swarm Makes iPhone 6 Notifications Much Easier

Swarm for iOS 8 This update for this app Swarm includes a few bug fixes, and performance speed upgrade. The Swarm widget in the 1.3 update also gives you the ability to do an at-a-glance view, of a few of your buddies who are especially close or near by, helping you get a sense of who is around. To enable the widget, simply swipe down on the Lock or Home screen, to simply bring up the Notification Center, now you can check in with a single tap.

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