New iPhone 6S Details Surface in New Report

iPhone 6S and iOS 9

Many sources are speculating what Apple’s next iPhone will bring. Some say that the ‘iPhone 6S’ could be significantly larger or smaller, while having a better camera, bigger battery or a finish with more grip. But one report from Forbes noted that the newest iPhone model should sport “more RAM”.
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B!tPlay Unleashes Their New Camera Case The Snap! 6 For iPhone 6


Snap! 6 iPhone 6 case

The Snap! 6 case includes an interchangeable lens, a dedicated shutter button, hands-free strap, and an ergonomic grip that’s designed to let you easily snap pictures with much ease. Sporting both macro and wide-angle lenses can only mean that you can get close-ups, or beautiful panoramic shots that are usually to tough to pull off with a smartphone camera.

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