Get Extra Storage & Room On Your Device With OLALA’s New Flash Drive

olala flash drive

As you probably already know, Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has a lot more storage than their previous iPhone models did, and can run things a little bit more smoother and faster. However, it’s never really a bad thing to either back up what you all have, or have a little extra storage and space on your devices; Since you can always add a lot more apps, pictures, music, files etc. Read more

How To Secure Your iPhone In 4 Simple Tricks

iPhone user

Making sure your iPhone is well protected and secure is a very important thing, because you would hate for any kind of worst case of scenario to happen, where it gets either hacked, lost or stolen with all your vital information on it. That is why it is key to always add some type of passcode, lock or location blocker, to keep you and all your credentials away from any harm or danger. Read more