Organize Your Emails Better With The New Unroll.Me App

Do you spend way too much time trying to go through your inbox of all of your spam or newsletters that come in your email? Well if so, you might be interested in the new app called Unroll.Me, since you can easily go through every single email you have once you login into the app, and delete, save as well as sort through all of the things you want and don’t want in your inbox.

Check Out iOttie’s Car Mount For The iPhone 8, 8 Plus & X

If you’re always out and about with your iPhone in your car, then there’s a high chance you might need a little extra protection for you and your device. So that’s why iOttie’s OneTouch car mount would be a great investment to put in your car, since it can easily hold and pivot your iPhone, without having to constantly hold it while you’re driving.

Paper By FiftyThree Received A New Update For iOS Devices

The well-known sketching app called Paper made by FiftyThree, just received a major update in its 4.0.3 version. It now sports a whole new interface that’s a lot easier to use compared to its old one, as well as new art options to use on your drawings, and a personal set of notebooks within the app, to be able to jot down any to-dos or memos that you would like to keep track of.