iOS 8 Adoption Slows Down Due To iOS 9

ios 8 vs ios 9 2

We always keep track of Apple’s iOS adoption rate, whether its growth is by 1% or by a huge leap we always check in the distribution portal so that we can inform our readers about what is progressing and what is not. However, many attribute iOS 8’s slow adoption rate to the upcoming iOS 9, which will bring a load of new features.
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iPhone 6 Plus Camera Vs Galaxy Note 5’s

Samsung Galaxy note 5 VS iPhone 6 Plus

Both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy note 5 come with great top-notch cameras even with different sensors. Sometimes there’s debates as to whether more mega pixels actually matter with image quality when capturing photos. Some people prefer certain outlooks in their pictures, and like more dramatic effects, and some people may just like simplistic basic turnouts to their photos. Read more