What To Expect From The MacBook Pro Line-up

MacBook Pro Upgrade

During Apple’s “Hello Again” event, all eyes will be on the revamped MacBook Pros which are said to be the stars of the show. A few days, leaked pictures of the MacBook Pro have surfaced showing off its design. In this article, we’ll highlight the specs of what could be featured on Apple’s latest MacBook Pro line-up. Read more

New Water-Resistant & Wireless Earphones For Your Apple Devices

water r earphones

It’s always important to have a good pair of water-resistant headphones, whether as a back up or to carry with you wherever you go, because you never know when you’re going to have to use them. That’s why the new Water-Resistant Noise Cancelling Earphones would be something totally worth checking out, since they are super lightweight, comfortable and water-resistant earphones. Read more