Three Great Organizing Apps For The Holidays

Apps for the holidays

As time flies by, and with the holidays right around the corner, our lives tend to get a little busy. With gifts to give, meals to cook and even events to attend, things can get a bit overwhelming.

That’s why we thought to name the top three best iPhone organizing apps to help simplify and plan your life out a little better. These apps help you stay on time, stay organized and gives you a visual ideal of what’s ahead. Read more

New Apple Store Features iPhone Photography And Accessory Collection

Logo Apple 1

A new image was taken by publication site Mac Otakara, which shows inside of an Apple store and its “feature bay.” Apple Stores are showcasing these new accessory “use cases” that hold products underneath a “Shot On iPhone 6” picture. It is unclear when other stores are scheduled to receive the same treatment.     Read more