Apple Extending ‘Shot On iPhone 6’ Campaign To Magazines, And More

iPhone 6 camera 3

Apple’s new ‘Shot on iPhone 6′ advertising campaign which features crowd-sourced iPhone images and photography from around the world, is set to reach massive audiences as the company started showcasing users’ best photos found online out in the world. Additionally, Apple is showcasing billboards on skyscrapers around the world, putting them on bus stops and on train stations. Read more

Apple Showcases New Photos ‘Shot On iPhone 6′ On Their Homepage

Steel Como-inicio-Apple

Recently, Apple refreshed their homepage to showcase a new gallery of photos taken with iPhone 6 across the world, this coincides with Sunday’s announcements of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The gallery shows photos taken by iPhone 6 users in several countries, this includes the United States, Canada, Japan, Iceland, South Korea, China, Scotland, Indonesia, Thailand and more.

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Photo Test of The New iPhone 6 Plus Camera

iPhone 6 Plus camera

The bigger iPhone 6 Plus was taken out to do some sight-seeing, and caught quite a bit with it’s new lenses. As for the optical image stabilization on the iPhone 6 Plus, which is commonly found on DSLRs, and the software image stabilization on the iPhone 6, these features now help to reduce any type of shakiness, and blurring when shooting video, or capturing photos. Read more

Unveiled iPhone 6 Plus Shows 1GB of Ram

iPhone 6 dismemberd

There has been some new images, and videos of the all new iPhone 6 Plus, which gets disassemble, and shows all of the new phone’s inner-parts. Thanks, and courtesy to the site iFixit, which shows us a complete tear-down of both the new upcoming iPhones, which are the: iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, helps fans and buyers to know a little bit more about the phone. Read more