Check Out Pad & Quill’s New Bella Fino Case For The iPhone X

Pad & Quill’s new Bella Fino wallet is a new wallet case for the iPhone X, that was designed with intricate French-hemmed seams and the finest American full-grain leather. Which helps give your iPhone X a rustic, old-western feel and look that will not only protect your device, but also keep your money and cards right with your iPhone X too.

Check Out i-Blason’s New Running Armband For The iPhone X

If you’re always running, jogging or just working out in general, then you might know the struggle of trying to hold your iPhone in your hand or in your pocket when you’re exercising. So that’s why i-Blason’s new armband case would be perfect for if you’re constantly working out; since it keeps your iPhone safe and secure no matter how much you move.