Tim Cook Announces Back To School Program


Apple is set to start their new program now, which goes by the name “end America’s public schools’ digital divide.” Apple is doing this since many students and teachers around the country have already started the new school year or are preparing for it. The plan was unveiled on ABC’s Good Morning America, with Apple CEO Tim Cook talking over the details with Robin Roberts.
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New Information Details iPhone 6s Strength

1 iPhone6-iPhone-Plus-Mockups

Back in April, many tech observers heard the rumors that Apple was going to implement the 7000 Series aluminum alloy material into the upcoming iPhone 6s, which is far stronger than the 6000 Series aluminum used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, many heard about the faults in the 6000 Series aluminum, which came to be known as “Bendgate,” and is said to be fixed by the new material for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
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New Video Shows How To Use Force Touch

6s iPhone 1 Learning something before you obtain that specific item, or device can be very useful. For instance, learning how to use all the new features in iOS 9 would be great, especially if we could learn them all right now. In addition, a new video shows how to use the new iPhone 6s’ Force Touch feature, which sports a few different things from the Apple Watch and Mac trackpad.   Read more